A lot of times when you fly or you see someone else fly, you may check they’re flight plan (very easy from the ATC’s point of view) and see that it leads to a different runway. That’s because when they planned the flight, the runways were different. Before they arrived, the runways changed. The pilot still wants to stick to the flight plan, even though it’s a closed runway, but the ATC doesnt want to use both sides of the runway, because that’s not what you’re supposed to do. That causes a lot of wasted time, confusion, and bad service. I was thinking of a way, since the IF weather is based on real time, you could punch in key things, like your accent speed Bove and below 10,000 feet, Crusing speed, descent speed, VS to climb and decend, flight path, and your destination airport, ad. It will give you a list of runway numbers color coded by green, yellow, and red to show their condition. The information would be calculated and give you an estimated time it will take you to get there, that way you can plan the route correctly to get there’s safely. Then, once you arrive at a different airport, you can do the same and continue. Any thoughts?


Real world flight plans don’t lead to specific runways.


I believe it is in part because wind changes. I also think it is inexperienced pilots that layout a plan without looking.

The reality is that flight plans aren’t that specific for that reason. Pilots should get into the controlled space, in a position for a typical approach and then listen to ATC.

We have way too many pilots blindly following their flight plan and not listening to ATC. That doesn’t work. Have they considered that if others blindly did that they would crash into each other? The world can’t adjust to one person doing as they please. I ghost those people.

Filing a flight plan is great. It provides us the pilot’s intentions without having to guess or ask. People need to realize it is just a plan, is not in stone, and subject to change based on traffic and conditions.


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For most of you guys, you’re right, flights in real life do not lead to a specific runway, and you can make a flight plan directly to the airport in IF, but for the most apart, INFINITE FLIGHT pilots really detail their Flight Plans so they direct to a specific runway. This does get annoying as ATC and as a pilot when winds change, but at least it will make it more organized when the winds change


I always file and insure the destination airport codes the last item. I always check Wx at the arrival location enroute and modify my plan accordingly.
If the Operating Towers would spin up the ATIS BCast and keep it currant a lot of last minute hassle would be avoided. I suggest ATIS as an Operational Requirerment for all active Towers on both the Playground and Advanced.