Precise rudder / brakes control - a top right corner graphic view

Hi all,
I have come up with an idea to help us get a better control of our braking and rudder movements.

As we all know, both rudder and braking are handily controlled with one thumb on the bottom right of our screens. This is cool and works a charm, however, there are two limits, which the proposed feature hopes to address succesfully:

1/ when braking, it is hardly possible to read the braking force applied, since the thumb is on the part of the screen where that value is displayed;

2/ when applying rudder as to control crosswind for instance on a takeoff run, there is no displayed value at all, whereas it would actually be usefull to make sure we adjust the rudder correctly as per the crossway wind.

I think that, while the control itself works perfectly, there is a way to make it altogether more effective by displaying both braking power % and a new rudder angle % in the top right corner of the screen, right above the actual brake/rudder control place.

I have alas no way to draw it nicely, but I am sure you can visualize what I mean here.

This would be cool in my view to be able to use a constant 75% braking, for instance, without having to guess what the value is under my right thumb…

I would also appreciate to be able to learn for each plane what percentage correction of the rudder is required for, say 9, 13, or 20 kt crosswinds.

These would make our experience even better than it is now.

Now lets vote and/or discuss!

I can see what you mean by it being difficult to see how much braking you’re applying.

As for the rudder, I don’t feel like we need/ you should be looking at how much percentage you have as it’s more of a “feeling” in my opinion. You just look ahead and apply more/ less rudder based on what you “feel”.


Hi there,

I see what you mean, though I am talking about the takeoff run when one has to start correcting for the wind before the plane becomes airborne… because then, it is too late to adjust!
Not sure I am clear here?

I agree about braking but I don’t want to see rudder input. Maybe it could be optional kind of like how the performance metrics are where you could change what you see in the settings?


Could be optionnal for sure.
I wish someone with graphic skills could show how it could look. One drawing is worth many words!

The rudder marker could simply be a colored line moving like the trim, but horizontally and thicker.

My opinion is similar to Trio’s. It would definitely be nice to see the brake percentage elsewhere on the screen, but I’ll have to disagree with you on the rudder part.

In real life, you don’t have a tool which tells you how much rudder you need, so that would be pretty unrealistic, to say the least. Moreover, it has lots of factors to it - plane’s weight, airspeed, speed of the winds, whether they’re gusting (in which case it would be nearly, if not completely, impossible to calculate) - so that would require a calculator to be implemented into the sim, I’d imagine.

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I see your point, but let us say we could see an orange (why not…) dot moving along a thin horizontal line… this would help have an idea of the actual input as compared to its max range. Not sure to be clear.

I’ve thought about this feature for so long but I’ve been too lazy to make a request for it lol. YES. we NEED the value of braking to show properly as you have mentioned.

For clarification and reiteration, the request is for a small cubical pop-up that comes up above the rudder input showing the value of “brake applied” somewhat similar to how there’s a popup to the right of the throttle showing the percentage of thrust when your thumb is on it. Makes it so much easier to look at the screen at awkward angles to see how heavy the braking is.

I however agree with the rest on the part of the rudder, as it seems kinda irrelevant since the rudder is usually an “input by instinct” and no set values actually make sense.

The way the rudder input is registered was changed in an update a year or two ago where the entire rudder can be moved just in the space provided for it (the line on which it moves) because I remember earlier grabbing the rudder from the one side and only then moving it the opposite side for full deflection. It is now slightly more like an “exponential scale” if that makes sense, the small movements on the rudder slider only move the rudder slightly, but the same distance moved on an extreme side gives quite a heavy deflection on the respective side if that makes sense. (It’s easier to understand if you do it practically, or you may just know it by instinct lmao.)

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Best way to fix the rudder issue you have is to have your thumb on the rudder on takeoff roll, just as a precaution, so when there are the inevitable winds, you are ready to adjust smoothly… the brake thing i agree with

Thanks for that.
Lesr me show an example of how the rudder thing coukd look (top right corner) :

I kind of would like ti visualize my input, with or without a number, but along a range that is not under my thumb.

Here, it looks like about 65% of max left input!

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Well I have, thanks, and I prefer to do as a pilot.would, and that is apply the right amount of rudder prior to the plane becoming airborne, rather rhan adjusting too late.