Precipitation, rain and snow

Now with all of the global coming out we could have all new features where there can be rain, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, lighting, hail, fog & snow, it will make IF even more popular and when the Global comes out, it would a also blow IF into cheers with amazing and incredible graphics and everything. I am always patient all the time and I have flown for a year through my iPad device it isn’t compatible, and i would love to see even drizzling rain and I think that there is something that IF users have been waiting for from the past days and months since all of us are now talking about this.


? We already have global…


Oh we do. Thanks for your information @Aviation108 😊

well IF has been working on weather and other stuff for quite a while now and have many upcoming things, so just be patient it will be here soon enough!


Hey Jake, I linked you the feature request earlier today, in which you posted in a couple hours ago. No need for an additional topic :)


I would love if snow can come to infinite flight. Because it will make it more popular. And when it does. I will be really shocked at this point if snow
Is coming to the sim.

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Like what @Thunderbolt said, I’d go ahead and show your support on the topic he linked. :)

Yeah, just like what @DeltaFox said we already have a global. They have been working on weather since 9 hours ago. That’s what I can say

Not to mention you copied the feature request word for word… let’s try to be creative here. 🙂


Do you mean project metal?

Yes. Project metal I’m talking about right now.👍

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We have to remember that project metal doesn’t directly translate into new features. Project Metal allows new features to be added, but that didn’t mean that every single missing feature is going to be added.


Have a look here. It will allow for more features such as terminals, taxiway lights, and weather.

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Everybody would love to see snow, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and even everything come to Infinite Flight.

Let’s be clear here, Project Metal is not weather. Project Metal is an update to Infinite Flight’s core codebase.


Hopefully rain and snow will come very soon.

project metal would give the opportunity for these types of things to be added, but honestly, it looks like IF will be worrying about buildings and terminals more than the weather when project metal is introduced

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I guess we should all wait for a couple days or months to see if snow, thunderstorms, lighting & rain comes to the sim.

Very optimistic


Please, just keep everything related to the topic in the designated feature request.

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