Pre taxi and taxi steps

Hi all. I was just wondering when should u start ur engine because i have seen some youtube videos where users start the engine during pushback. Also when should u turn on ur strobe lights- before pushback, after pushback, during taxi or before takeoff. Thx everyone


I start my engines when I’ve finished my pushback and about to request for taxi. I turn my Strobes on when I’m crossing/taking off (after getting a permission from Ground/Tower) from a runway alongside Landing lights. Hopefully it helps


  • Turn Navigation Lights on when you have spawned (Thanks @anon31652286 @Jake_Stopher @DirkGiessmann for the correction)
  • Turn Beacon lights when you have started your engines
  • Turn Landing Lights and Strobes while entering runway area. Either for taking off/landing/crossing in or from a runway. Turn off the Landing Lights and Seatbelts after FL100

I usually start engine 2 during push and when on the taxi line / after engine 2 is started i start number one. And for strobes i usually turn them on when i have been cleared for take off.


Strobes: Entering or crossing runway; during flight.

Landing Lights: Runway; Takeoff through 10000 MSL, 1000 MSL to landing upon descent.

Neither on ramp or taxiway.


Here’s what I do:


  • Turn on “No Smoking” and “seatbelt” signs on.

Request Pushback

  • Turn on “Engine 2” (and if the plane is 4 engines, turn on “Engine 3” and “Engine 4”

Once Pushback is approved/start pushback

  • Turn on “Engine 1” (and if the plane is 4 engines, turn on “Engine 2” and “Engine 1”
  • Turn on NAV and Beacon lights


  • Make sure engines are fully on
  • Turn on landing lights (if it’s night)

Holding short of runway

  • Turn on landing lights (if it’s day)
  • Turn on strobe lights
  • Set flaps to 10 degrees (or 15 if 10 isn’t an option)


  • Enjoy my flight :)

thx everyone for replies also when should u set ur flaps, i always though it was before taxi.


Hope this answers your question…

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I set my flaps when activating the engines, at least that’s what I see in real life. But I double-check if the flaps has been activated before take off

During pushback, I usually start Engine 2 first. When Engine 2 reaches 10%, I start engine 1

One of the things I found relevant in the community.


and do seatbelts get turned on just before descent, Right?

@cod_lee I turn mine on before pushback…

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Usually I set it on during turbulence, and I set it on prior to descend. While in the ground, I usually set it on when spawning at the gate

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i usually set flaps during taxi or when i have been cleared to taxi to the active runway

ok thx for all the replies everyone has really helped.


Glad we could help! Enjoy your flight!

I thought nav lights always stay on when aircraft are parked. Please correct me…

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You are correct. Nav lights must be turned on at all times when on the ground, even when parked. In the air they are only required to be turned on between sunset and sunrise.

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Completely right! NAV lights are the first thing on, all the time! Beacon must be turned on once the first engine is started, as is warns that the engine is running.

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Thank you @Jake_Stopher @DirkGiessmann. Interesting they are only needed during night hours. Do you know why? Does it save power?