Pre-Spring Break Craziness! @KBZN

Earlier today i went spotting at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. There were some pretty rare spotting and the airport was busy, and i mean real busy, all day. Sorry in advance for some of the pictures not being in focus.

First we have a JetBlue A320 from Boston

Then we have the AA 738 after a very quick flight from Charlotte

Now we have an United A320 headed out to Denver.

Is it just me or does it always seem that United passengers always have their windows closed 🤔?

And then we have an Envoy Air E175 operating out to Chicago O’Hare

And another one headed to Chicago O’Hare being the United 738

Then we have one very clean E175 Alaskan boi starting takeoff roll for Seattle

And now we have my personal favorite flight, a Delta A320 bound for Atlanta

And now yet another Delta aircraft but it’s a CRJ700 to Salt Lake City


First we have a flight was has recently started, Alaska Airlines has started operating mainline aircraft once a day from Seattle, and today i was lucky enough to see a newer A320 w/ sharklets!

And then we have something that some people are gonna say isn’t that rare, but it is pretty rare to see Delta operating an E175 with this wingtip version on the west coast. So here is a Delta E175 from Los Angeles

Thank you for taking a look at my pictures! I hope you like them and please tell me what i can do to improve anything that is wrong! Thanks- @plane_guy12


Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 12.25.31 AM

Someone forgot to paint a part of the engine. Lol.

Nice photos, @plane_guy12! 🙌


I didn’t even notice that! 😂


Great shots! It’s awesome to finally have main line Alaska service, I just saw the A320 fly over my house today. Really hope they keep using the Q400s part time though, they’re so iconic.


Nice pictures! The mountains look so beautiful today!


Wow that’s a beautiful airport 😍 I would kill to go spotting there

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Nice catches! It looks amazing in Bozeman!

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Nice shots you got! Love the mountains in the background.


Can you please try to get a private jet when you do spotting

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I can give u one that I took, I just didn’t include it in the post. I can PM it to u if u want @M_Billy

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