Pre Red Flag antics!

Gotta give a shot out to BeWilkins! Awesome flying Sir!

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Keep the pictures coming! I’m jealous! Imagine having working coms during this event!

Man, this event is too much fun!!! I love flying for GAF! Best VA out there! I wish we could get someone on coms! That would be awesome!

What exactly is the Red Flag event? Am I allowed to fly around with you guys even though I’m not in GAF?

Red Flag is military training / war games for air force pilots. It’s heals every year up to 6 times a year, we only have an annual event once a year. It’s a good chance to meet some new pilots and share tactics and ideas. We are all linked on discord and that link is only given to GAF members, so it would be tricky filling you in on what’s,going on, but on a serious note, if you would like to be a part of what we do, I can get you started on intake! I’ve been with GAF over a year, this is my second red flag event, I won’t leave! I love my squad too much!


Red Flag is our internal annual exercise where we fly air to air and air to ground operations.

We use comms via discord to talk to each other and score points for different achievements.

To fly as part of this, you would have to wait till next year as sign up is over! However joining GAF now will be the best thing you ever did to take your skills to a level you never imagined possible!


Hear here!!! You won’t regret it!

Mikey. How can you get me in?

tandom landings too!