Pre Red Flag antics!

IFAEATC Scott Paddon and I awaiting a ripping t n g session Roll out! and a little butter!

I will post more as the event progresses, Special thanks to Nate Schneller, the “Rocket” and everyone else I have not mentioned for preparing what is sure to be the best IF GAF event to date! Red Flag 2019 is going to be stellar!


Great fighter photos! 👍🏻

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Perhaps you could just post them all in one thread…? With the 10 pictures rule, of course.


Because these are all shots in sequence of the event the day it happens, last pick was of today… I thought this was a thread?

I’m saying post 10 images in one post.

I can do that I do suppose!

What is this. The air show? And server?

GAF… Red Flag… Expert

And you are one of the pilots participating?

Yes Sir! It has a pretty fair turnout this year… We haven’t emersed in full on air combat missions yet, So better more exciting shots should be coming soon!

Are you in like the virtual Air Force thing?

That’s cool. That’s what I want to join

Really? Like you would like to sign up, and fly with us?! I’ve been there over a year now, it’s an outstanding group of awesome individuals… Who live and love to fly! I can get you in!

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Some AR action at Red Flag!