Pre-pushback routine

What do yall do before pushback. NOT push and start just pushback

Verify fuel, insert my flight plan, turn on the apu and battery if available.


If i’m flying super realistic, i open APU leave it running for a couple of mins to get air con in. Then open doors (if available). Passenger and Smoking signals on. Let the doors stay open for 25/30 mins. Close doors and insert FPL, i always include SID/STAR in all my routings, i re-check for any silly or sharp waypoints.


U have a lot of patience for this one😭


Yuh, i let device run and just watch netflix for the time being lmao. But i rarely do these type of flights, only on a long long haul or occasional. Normally i just leave doors open for 5 and do what i said above and i should be airborne within 15 of me spawning in


Make sure all the food an yummies are on board. ;)


Dont forget the cookies :((

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Right, so these are my routines:


  • Master Battery on, APU start
  • Nav lights on
  • No Smoking on
  • Open doors 1L (pax), 4/5R (catering) and cargo
  • Check fuel
  • File my FPL (SID’s and STARs always used)
  • Close cargo and catering doors
  • Request Pushback
  • Close door 1L
  • Beacon lights on
  • Seatbelt sign on
  • Pushback, start engine 2/3&4
  • At the end of pushback, start engine 1/1&2
  • Set flaps
  • Turn off APU
  • Request taxi and then taxi

I wrote this in the exact order that I usually do it, like I request pushback just after I file my FPL and close my cargo and catering doors, and just before closing door 1L and turning on my beacon lights


  • Auto start, APU off
  • Seatbelt sign and no smoking on
  • Request pushback, and during pushback set flaps
  • TAXI
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Cool but i put on beacon from the start and nav lights indicates engine on right?

I enjoy energized flights, so the one routine I stick to before each and every flight and encourage everyone else to try is 4 scoops of G Fuel, no water or mixing, straight down the hatch. It really enhances your mental “thrust”.

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I put them on at the same time, just before I start my engines
But you’re probably right, maybe I should put on my beacon from the start

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it’s the opposite

nav lights should be on from start and beacon indicates engines are on/aircraft is about to move

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WAIT is ur callsign G-FUEL

Ok I’ll edit that actually

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You forgot to turn off the APU after your engines have been started

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Oh yeah forgot to write that down but I do switch off my APU

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