Pre Plan Pushback

So I’m gonna try and explain this as best as possible… so basically what I want is that you can set up where you’re aircraft is gonna go and when it’s gonna turn and such, so that pilots can focus on doing checklists and prepping the aircraft.

So what do you think?

Do you mean that he turns automatically while push back

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I did not understand well. Are you proposing an automatic pushback, similar to X-Plane 11 for PC so that the pilot can do a checklist during the pushback?


I think the OP means something similar to the Better Pushback plug in availabe for xplane 11 where you set up where you want the plane to end up and the plug in does it automatically.


Yeah similar to that

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So I liked the idea. I think it would be very useful to prepare the plane for the taxi.


Can you please explain a scenario how this would work and what you are suggesting? We are a little confused.

Are you asking for NAV while on the ground?
Are you asking for auto pushback?

If you can explain what you are envisioning then that may help.

From what I understand, the pushback would be automatic, similar to an addon used in the X-Plane 11 for automatic pushback. With this the pilot could checklist during the pushback, since there would be no need for the pilot to push manually as it is today. In practice, the pilot defines where and in which direction the airplane goes and where the pushback would end, it would be all automatic, without the pilot needing to steer the airplane during the pushback or having to press the button to end the pushback, since this would also define the pushback endpoint.


But does not the check-list have to be done before the pushback procedure?

This will be a great idea but im not going to vote for this sorry

Another automation request. When will people actually fly the plane? So far its demonstrated that they don’t know how to depart straight out, intercept the localizer, taxi to the runway they were instructed to go to, use the appropriate unicom and towered commands when flying as a pilot and the list goes on and on. I can give prime examples where pilots are simply lacking the knowledge to do simple tasks in addition to the ones that I just provided above By adding this, not only are you feeding into an ongoing issue but adding something that isn’t all that necessary.

Yes, I realize folks want to take Realism ® (crediting @Tim_B for the registered trademark “realism”) to a new level, but this is really pushing it… no pun intended.

Just sit at the gate. Do all of your “checklists” when you’re stopped. Pushback. Finish pushback. Complete the rest of the “checklists” when you’re stopped. Taxi to the runway. Do some more checklists. etc. Help developers save the time and resources from coding and consider something else that may be more practical and useful down the road.



I agree with @DeerCrusher I am tired of auto pilot doing all the work this is why some unqualified pilots are on exper


@MacGamer04…MaxSez… Automation, not here on IF, we’re Pilots we don’t need no stinking autofly… Go directly to X-Plane with the girls, do not pass Go. G’day “Gammer”


@Maxmustang If “gammer” was a joke, haha. If not, with all due respect, no need to call him that.

@TheCoolPilot. MaxSez: Thank you for your fatherly advise Yuvraj. I’ll take it under consideration, Not!

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Right I’m sorry if that came out rudely sir, I just wanted to say that he may feel bad after that.

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Why would you do the checklist?
We don’t have that much functions to focus on, just have few bottoms…

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@TheCoolPilot… MaxSez…Thank you for your respond Yuvraj. I have a military mind set my friend. I call them the way I see them. Some time intentional hurt feelings are a catharsis . In this case more IF automation
defeats the IF learning process. A pilots learning process begins in a book and proceeds to Hand On application of flight procedures. To much automation in IF stunts professional growth. Thus tough love, it motivates and awakens the though process. Just say in. Agree or disagree it makes no difference to me. Kind Regards, my last comment this thread. G’Day

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I’m with Max on this one. Somebody has to take control and fly the damn plane. If you can’t handle a pre-flight checklist and taxiing to a runway which takes all of a few minutes then you are cheating yourself of the whole experience. Just seems like another shortcut to buck the system and to get in the air to hit that AP button on the dash.

Make the flight plan, load the fuel and PAX, watch the traffic and listen to ATC and get ready to depart.

Take control of the plane, feel the plane, be one with it. Watch those gauges, work the yoke and work the throttle. Enjoy the experience!