Pre-New Year's @ DNMM - 282330ZDEC18

Server: Training

Airport: DNMM

Date: Friday, 28th of December

Time: 2330Z

Plane: Arik Air Bombardier CRJ-1000

Flight Time: An hour or so

Flight Plan


(From Lagos to Abuja)

A/P Details

Climb Speed: 240 (Below FL100); 280 (Above FL100)
Climb VS: 2000fpm
Cruising Altitude: FL120 (12000ft)
Descent Speed: 260 (Below FL120); 240 (Below FL100); 200 (3100 ft)
Descent VS: -1800fpm
Descent Altitude: 3100ft

Available Gates

will be added soon

NOTAM: Happy New Year to you all once again! To celebrate the new year, let us welcome it with a group flight from Lagos to Abuja!

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