Pre Longhaul Routine

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Planning to do Qantas Flight 10 London Heathrow to Perth in the morning. Before I start flight planning, what is everyone’s pre longhaul routine? I normally wake up about 1 hour before the departure time. I normally then start getting the route and weather from simbrief. I then load into the sim and start setting the aircraft up for departure. Is there anything else I should do differently?



I usually do long hauls at night, so I just get my fpl, taxi route, weight and balance, and take off. I stay at my device until cruise and go to bed.


usually when I do long hauls is the other way around: I find a route that matches my wake up time, then I prepare FPL (from simbrief), load it to the plane and take off.


My routine for a long haul isn’t actually at all dissimilar to any flight, I don’t think. Just the usual stuff, you know, getting an OFP from Simbrief, loading the routing information into IF, checking weather, fuelling, all the normal stuff.

  1. Wake up
  2. Get everything prepared
  3. Pray that IF won’t crash
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Everything thats listed above thats why I mainly do , if Its like an long haul lets say for example Los Angeles to Manila , sometimes I will do the route a few hours in advance , so first I can schedule wake up at an good time , step climb aswell since its an long route.

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