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Hi guys so when global came out I was wondering did the pre global stuff get completely shut down or could I download IF on my iPad and do a pre global flight I think it would be a interesting thing to compare a side by side with it. I’m sorry if I missed that in the update details on the post.

The only ways I see in order to use the old version of IF is if:

  1. You have an old device that has the pre-global version installed

  2. You have a backup of our device with the pre-global version.

I don’t think you can redownload older updates on the Play Store or App Store.


Actauly I am so tempted to load up a really old backup onto my Ipad, and play Space Shuttle…😏


@Demeter is correct. I have an old iPad and run the old IF on it. You could just buy a cheap old iPod or the like if you really wanted it. Otherwise, its pretty hard to get it.

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Well, it depends, what kind of device are you using and what devices do you have available?

@nativetoalaska I have backups going back to 2013, I could just restore from those on my Ipad, and it would work, I kow becuais I recently dropped my Ipad down the stairs, and well the Ipad did not do well…

the after math

So I needed a new one, and I restored from a previous backup on my moms IMac, and no gem updates were done automatically…

I also saw at that tume I have backups till 2013, so space shuttle, old 787, 747, … Could be lurking…

download the 2013 version and send me a screenshot!


If I do I will, actualy that may deserve it’s own topic, so we will see, it may also be a bit complicated to play a worse version of a game I already have…

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I have an old iPad laying around that is sill on pre global. Always fun to hop on there :)


How far back is it, just pre, or further?

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I believe it is further back. I’ll have to check tomorrow.

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Now that I am thinking about it, I am imagning all the posibilitues of taking it back like that, I would certanly join a small club to have IOS 5 on a Mini 4😂

Quick question, aren’t the pre-global servers still open, though?

Initially all three were, but time drew on the servers eventually became empty. A few months back the Expert was shut down along with either TS1 or Casual (I can’t remember honestly.) However my Live+ sub expired in January and Pro subs don’t work on the old version.

It has been 6 months since global came out so one would hope everyone knows about the update and the servers can be shutdown. However FDS may wait 6 more months for the final Live subs to expire

I have the old version of IF still.

It’s been nearly 6 months xD Surely you would get a new device

@Ironman_Ballets what device do you have?
And what version is that device?

Doesn’t @AndroidPilot still use pre global?

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Yes I do. I honestly like it.


we are few and far between my friend.

who needs beautiful high quality global scenery when you have green sludge