Pre FNF Test Flight Failure

I was just doing a test flight at 9:00 PDT and I tried to go No Hud(I don’t usually use HUD), No Maps, No ATC vectoring was available and it was 4 KM of visibility. I was flying a 738 and I was on final and I didn’t know where I was so I desended to 1600 and I spotted 32L and announced final. It was a horrible landing.

How do you do no HUD?

@Cameron @Henry_Collins… My bust Cameron. Appear the Camera no HUD mode for the D, 172 & 208 were dropped since last I used them for a no instrumentation view. I regret my previous comment and will delete it. Plus I’ll post a feature correction to return the no HUD option in the next update. I to like to “Fly”. Regrets & Regards Max

Right hand side change camera view to cockpit, on left side HUD menu to HUD-2.

Hey, thanks a lot!

I do no HUD to make flying realistic. That said I usually fly in low visibility conditions the BBJ because of its auto land feature. My actual floght was good, until I did a double go around accidentally at WSSS.