Pre Flight Routing Option

My idea is that pre flight you get a option to plan your route also setting fuel/passengers/cargo. Would be cool if the map were you enter route would show winds and have a circle showing the range of aircraft with selected fuel/weight settings. As you start the flight you start with no fuel/passengers but press request fuel/ board passengers and your plane would fill up (has potential to be animated in future).

It could also potentially show estimated flight/arrival time which would be great for planning flights when you need to sleep.

Very nice idea to have this built in to IF. Remember to vote for your request ;)

This is a good option but there is already that option. Weight and balance is already at your discretion. Although that does sound like a very good idea going in blank and watching your plane fill up, I think that weight and balance option on the aircraft is just a little simpler!

I can definitly see this coming soon, and I wish you goodluck on your feature request, good day , Ryan

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