Pre-flight Reminders

I have this screenshot and i suppose all of you know what this is. As you know, so many people do some mistakes in the game. One of the most repeated complaints is opening strobes at the gate, while taxiing etc.

If we have a loading screen, i recommend to use it. That screen could include basic reminders and it would help users, especially newbies.

I also expect a reminder list from users to make it more efficient.

Edit: I have seen strobe tips a few minutes ago, so we already have it, but reminders could have bigger place on the loading screen and stay there longer.

My RL is;

Usage of strobes
Distance between aircraft
Approaching hints
Spamming requests
Takeoff hints (especially for winds, gusts, maybe reminding rudders)

I will continue when remember more…

There are some tipe already but they are about camera views, battery, hud screen etc.

This can easily be implemented on the loading text, rather than the picture. Also there are several 3rd party solutions for this, great idea though!


Sorry I’m out of votes. Good idea thow.
Sais the person (ME) who does that exact thing. LOL.

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I’m pretty sure this is already a thing? Someone can back me up on this.


What’s the purpose of this feature request as we already have this in the game? I understand that IF could add some more tips for flying but it’s in the game already.

Yeah, adding on to @Aceorbit, I believe there used to be a loading screen that mentioned pre-flight and in-flight tips, like when to turn on and off strobe and landing lights.


Well, actually his/hers request is to add more to the current loading tips we have. Not a bad idea. Would be nice to add a centre picture when giving tips in approach procedures, etc.

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I have to admit that IF could implement more of these tips and rules to improve a better quality of the users knowledge for IF

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But is dat really what we need? The devs have waaaaay more to think about den dat

Reduce takeoff power during crosswind situations, unless you planned on shaving grass.

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It’s not the most difficult way to add more tips. I don’t think it costs much efforts for our developers to implement this in the game.

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They could put it in the screen that already pops up, it’s just added text, may take a week if that of coding, add a tip or two “No strobes while taxing” and whatever else


well if y’all say so