Pre-Event - A320 family Celebration [Virtual Airlines Edition] @ KDEN - 192200ZDEC15

Server: Playground

Region: Denver

Airport: *KDEN to KASE *

Time: 1500Z to 1730Z

NOTAM: All Virtual Airlines pilots and CEO are invited to fly A318, A319, A320 or A321 in the great Denver region

Hoster: @grxninesix

Do you want promote your VA ? in the next week, the only way to do is flying with your bests pilots from KDEN to KASE. Have a great take off experience and unforgettable approach to KASE.

I saw an event has already created for the celebration of the A321.
I’ll change the hour of the event for not crush with the real event

Important : Fly with the VA name in your callsign. for example

Pilot1 = CEO / callsign : Airline
Pilot 2 = pilot / callsign: Airline flight of 2
Pilot 3 = pilot / calsign : Airline flight of 3

unless FDS pilots want to fly with FDS callsign, you can stay on your actual FDS callsign :)

All virtuals Airlines are allowed (or virtual airline from real airline is allowed also)

The goal is to create a flight formation per VA and in a different route…

Escorts services is welcomed for taking great screenshoots of flying formation…

This is my first official event, i hope you come with a lot of your pilots!


if possible, stay parked and online until 0100Z, as i can take the traditionnal parking screenshoot after :)


i have to change the day to 16, to avoid making the event while Turbulent Tuesday event… sorry :)

Make the date on a weekend !!! More people will come and also make it on the advance less minrods

I’ll be there!

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what date?

I’ll tell the pilots of mine & @IF_A_TEAM

IF Escort Services would love to be there, we will get some pilots to hopefully show up ;D

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Whats the date?

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I have a band peformance that night. if this was on a weekend i would love to come

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For sure. We will definently be there.

okay i change it for a week end day… what day do you preferer?

Date is changed, now the event is planned for December 19 (saturday)
I hope this date is better for some guys here !


I can be an approach or center controller

okay guys! anyone want to be ATC, please say the hours you’ll active :)

Yeah Michael let’s bring Air A320 :)


@BavariaAVIATION & @The_simulation_nerd i wait you guys for our VA!

I won’t be able to make the start of the event, should I just join you guys when I can?

Count me in as a pilot and controller maybe. 1800Z on Saturday is ok for me.

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Hi you said how we might be going one airline at a time? Can Air A320 go first please?