Pre-COVID SFO Spotting! (Feat BA 747)

Hey guys! As I was scrolling though some ancient archives of pictures, I came across my San Francisco trip last year! As I was scrolling through those, I found some beauts that needed to be shared.

Anyway let’s get into it!

Starting off with a United 772 rotating

Then an United 77W landing!

Now, a BA A380 landing from London’s very own, London Heathrow

An Emirates A380 who so kindly decided to taxi past us :)

And my best picture yet. An absolutely lovely British Airways 747

And finally, a BA 747 rotating off into the evening.

Please leave comments down below. I hope air travel will recover fully soon and traffic will be what it once was.

The GA spotting thread will come out tomorrow.

Thanks for viewing and have a great rest of your day!



Looks beautiful!

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Thank you!

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An an an an! Lol
Cool pictures!

I a little confused but thanks!

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You put an ‘a’ before a word starting with a vowel. It’s supposed to be ‘an’ and it’s a joke 😂

Oh oops lol 😂

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Those are some beautiful shots! I like the BA 747

Thank you! I do too!

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Ah yes, normal times.😕 Great shots though!

Great spotting/pics and best airport! Keep it up :)

Yes, it was so awesome back then. Thanks!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

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The 747!! Sad the queen of the skies is gone from BA

Thanks! It’s so sad to see them all gone

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