Praying for aircraft updates. a350 & a380 🙏

Hey guys

I just wanted to express my views on an aircraft update. To be honest due to the incredible job done with the 777 series I literally have no excitement to fly another aircraft. The SOUND CONTROL and OVERALL performance of the aircraft is much more realistic and enjoyable 😉 I’m like others…going pro and only wanting the best the game has to offer. I absolutely love the A350 but due to it being so outdated and more so the A380 I don’t enjoy them anymore. I posted about the A220 earlier this year. I was super excited for that aircraft but the SOUND wasn’t good at all. It appears be the same as the old airbus aircrafts. Sigh 😞. I wanna say great work and thanks to the IF team and staff for creating such a great game though. I’ll be a continued supporter that’s without a doubt.

One more questions tho, since the update of the automated jet bridges came out I have flown to different airports and I have never seen anyone else using the jet bridges but me. Literally! I’m not sure if it’s the game that is set this way as in you cant see others use it just yourself, maybe maybe not but I was alarmed as to the fact that NO ONE was using them. I’m thinking wow is it that none of these players read the community forum articles or what? 🤷‍♂️ If so yikes, ppl need to read more, research and understand things cause it’s for your betterment and enjoyment.

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They plan on releasing realistic sounds for the A220 once they have them… Its just a matter of time.

Edit: At least since the last we’ve heard… If there is updated news on this please correct me.


While it is a shame that you have had a diminished sense of enjoyment when it comes to flying on the new A220, and specifically due to the sound, as you’ve mentioned, this was intentional as the developers are still working on procuring a sound pack that is specific to the A220.

Addressing your second point of this topic, animated jet bridges, I am sure that most people who are actively playing this game have seen and made use of jet bridges. The choice from the developers not to show the animation for other planes was intentional and done to save on the processing overheads that are required.

Don’t be alarmed, I am sure that this is something that they are planning to implement, and I am sure that with time, everything that you wish to see changed or improved in this game will come to fruition.


Bruh, the devs said you cannot see other people use JetBridges, they are working on it so you can see other ppl see.

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Ahhhh. I see! I missed that :(