Pray4Pari | Let's show some respect!

Let’s fly around with the callsign “Pray4Pari” to show respect for everyone in Paris.



I will at my event once I land back at LFPG for the second route

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Let’s make this a thing! Screenshot if you see anyone with the “Pray4Pari” call sign!

I am flying in the Paris Region.


AF076 - A320 AF - LFPG/LFPO

Are you also there?

I’m at LFPG right now as Air France 17 17

Oh yes :) I have you on my radars!

I see you as well

Where did you go? :)

I’m back again

Pay your respects, and put your callsign as: Pray4Pari, (Note not my idea, just to plainly pay respects) And go as any air France livery. Share your screenshots here.

Why does no one care about the massacres happening in Africa?

French aren’t better than Africans, that’s why I don’t support this “Pray for Paris” thing.


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@Laurens I fully understand you, What is happening to France is what’s happening everyday in Syria. I totally understand.


Is it possible to juet join another one? There are already a handful of these and there doesn’t need to be more.

And to be honest I partially agree with Laurens, but that comment was a bit insensitive. Beirut and Baghdad just recently had similar massacres. RIP to the folks there too.


Lets keep this going! I’m doing it later!

oops i have used this callsign too… at the same date… i’m sorry :)

this is was Al Assad have said. “What you see in Paris is what we see everyday in Syria”…