Pratt & Whitney Boeing 720B


Unique aircraft? You bet-Great livery IMO. This was the last Boeing 720 to fly in the world, and almost certainly forever. Last flight was 2008? Someone can fact check that, it was flying into the 21st century that’s for sure. It currently resides at a museum in Canada.

Image credit: C-FETB Pratt And Whitney Canada Boeing 720-023B Photo by Andreas Fietz | ID 414372 |


That’s one long nose!


It was flown to the museum in 2012. Should definitely be added. Nice livery too.

Ok this may sound stupid but how do you differentiate between a B707 and a B720? Does a B720 have the long nose? Or only for this unit?

The long nose is for turboprop engine testing. The 720 is shorter than the 707 and different wings.


Oo revolutionary!

So you mean the 720 is like a mixture of a 707 and a 727? :P

The engine is in the nose. Look up some pictures and you’ll see them with the prop on the nose.

Some had turboprop mounted on the nose. Some had a normal nose with a way to mount an engine on the side of the fuselage for testing. Some were just normal.

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So some of the 720 flew with just that?

No they still used the 4 wing mounted engines.

No, just for testing the turboprop at speed.

Lol I was like how does it even fly

So how do they test the turboprop? Do they like fly with all 4 engines or switch off 1 or 2?

Im not sure exactly how it works. Probably something along those lines.

More info, pics, etc here Boeing 720-023B - Pratt & Whitney Canada | Aviation Photo #0017062 |

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Hmm my bad I didn’t check the link

Now I see an answer… 1 engine…

Tbh I don’t know of any other testbed engine planes other than the A380 lol

I don’t want to venture further off topic (My topic so I don’t really mind much if we stray ito a gray area, but others might…) but there are some 741, 74S, 752 testbeds out there with the 5th pod. I’m not entirely sure what suceeded the 720 for turboprop testing but that’s easily googleable.

Regarding the diff. between the 707 and 720, FlyinHigh gave a good sum up. Only thing I’ll addnon was that it can also be called the 707-020.

This gets more and more confusing LOL

I think the prat & Whitney engines look so ugly.

Ugly but a perfect representation of classic engines

They don’t look as good as the skinny 737 and 727 classic’s engines