Pratt and Whitney

Bro why isn’t P&W getting some attention? Why everybody be going for Rolls Royce? The P&W engines still be sounding good even on the 757.


Well since that we know of, there is not any reworks for aircrafts that have P&W engines.

Considering that since 2020, rewored aircrafts that have Pratt and Whitney engines includes the B777-200ER, B757-200 and A220-300, I beg to differ when it comes to the engine type not getting enough love. Sure, it may not have come on the A330-300 which was something that I was surprised by, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t getting any attention at all.

As for people picking Rolls Royce engines over Pratt and Whitney, I would say that the Rolls Royce engines do sound a lot better than most. Perhaps even being the best sounding engine.


Sad GE noises

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Rolls Royce engines in IF are also the closest I am ever getting to drive in a RR, so I’d take them every day of the week ^^

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Sad PW4000, CFM56, IAE V2500 noises


Do you believe in GE90 supremacy 🤨?

That’s engine-ist

Anyway I think that Rolls Royce is more renowned than PW and the recent incident involving a PW4000 probably didn’t help

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Agree. Nothing beats the RB211, and IF did a brilliant job at recreating it.

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