Pratikpaul's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed ] @N/A

Hi all , as i am currently training to become a IFATC and control on ground and tower frequencies. I created this ATC tracking thread in order to get some pilot fly . Pattern and inbound.
If you can do , I thank you a lot for coming.

Informations : will be update each time when opening.

Airport : OTHH
Runway: 16L/R
Server : Training server .
Date/Time (zulu) : 25 of june / 12:30 zulu .
What to do : pattern/ Inbound. /ground conflict

Please follow all the instructions !

If you have any feedback, i would appreciate .

Trainer : @Antoine_Turrian

Thank you



You might wanna edit your title so it’ll be easier for people to see where and when you’re open. Like in the example below:

Hope to see you controlling on Expert soon! Good luck :) and do tag me when you’re open, I’ll swing by if I’m free!

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Sure thank you @CaptainSooraj

@CaptainSooraj ETIS now open

I’ll try and join in about 5-10 mins or so and do at least 2-3 patterns.


Good stuff, thank you for the service. No issues on ground at all.

Tower was great!

A very small thing - after approving departure away from the airport (to the south in my case) you can tell an aircraft to change frequency on your own, instead of saying “thank you.”

But overall, good work!

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Thank you @CaptainSooraj For coming .
I hope you will come again 👍

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@CaptainSooraj thank you for your feedback

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No problem, hope to see you in IFATC soon! Tag me when you’re open next and I’ll try and make it if I’m free.

Sure @CaptainSooraj

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Hi! Please tag me next time you open. I think I was at one of your training sessions yesterday, right?

@Noah_Hunt yes .

Next session update

Airport: ETSI
Runway: 25L/R.
Date : 21 june.
Session start at 17:30 zulu .

Session time : 30 minutes.

Thank you.

@Noah_Hunt @CaptainSooraj

@Noah_Hunt @CaptainSooraj ETSI is now open.

ETSI is now closed

Tag me the next time you open. I’ll stop by for some patterns if I can. Thanks!

@9to5Gamer sure mate 👍

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25 june session.

Airport: OTHH
Runway: 16L/R
Starting time : 12:30 zulu.
What to do : pattern and try to creat ground conflict.

Thank you.

@9to5Gamer @Noah_Hunt @CaptainSooraj @Antoine_Turrian


Very Awesome Time for me 🙂

@I_AM_KOREAN_FOX thats great for me .
Please join the session

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