Pratice ATC test?

Recently, I found a topic that had a “practice” ATC test, that was unofficial, and just for practice for the real test. I was going to try it,(since i’m underage to take the test) and I started it, but didn’t finish it. I was looking for it again recently so I could restart it, and finish it. But i searched, and searched, and scrolled as far down the website as I could, and I couldn’t find it. So I decided to create a topic. Does anyone have a link to it?

It was taken down for a various amount of reasons. You’ll get there one day, though. ;)


As Josh said it was taken down, it is buried in the barren depths of the forum, never to be found again😈


Don’t worry, age is only a number. Practice, make yourself the best 13 y/o controller so when you turn 14 you are able to jump right in!


*number of reasons.


Works either way. 😡😡

Can you measure the reasons? Is there a volume of them? No. But you can count them.

Smarten up, Smithley. Your 5th grade English teacher was a fraud and you know it.


Obviously he can’t measure either, that’s why his landing are 400 feet to the left of the runway ;)


Oh, snap! Them’s fight’n words.


Shots fired!

We also would have accepted “a number of reasons” or “numerous reasons”. 🤓

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We might as well rename this forum to "Forms of Mental Abuse on Josh. :P

On topic, however, if you (Ian) feel like you want to learn more about ATC before taking the official test once you come of age, contact any supervisor/scouter/recruiter or whatnot- any of us would be very happy to help you out. Tyler’s recent videos are also quite helpful. ;)


The forum should be named Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons! Or SPAGL

cough cough Rotate cough cough