Prashant's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed|Practical Passed]


You did a great job handling the aircraft… and l think you will make IFATC very soon…two points though…l started getting severe wifi lag about midway through the pattern and l wanted to alert you that l had to land ASAP or else l would have had to end the sim in flight to keep from crashing… l think that you could see how far off l was getting to line up with the runway… also the IFATC over at GAF have told me that they prefer you to let them know your change in intentions that you need to land even though you have been technically precleared for the option… so that in my situation was the choice l made… which you called an error… anyway thanks for the exercise and l will see you somewhere soon on expert… and you can make your aviation family very proud of you !


Ah okay so know I understand


Thanks for the feedback :) Actually I didn’t knew ur situation,I already cleared u for option meaning u can land or do T&G at ur discretion that’s y I sent u avoid duplicate messages amd You are already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports :)

And actually if u want controller to know ur intentions,u can just send a report position//fullstop message.


Np…if you ever get someone else with severe wifi lag you will better know how to handle their situation …anyway technically we were both right since you had other traffic and l let you know my intentions… cya soon on expert

P.S. l was trying to keep from losing altitude and crashing from the wifi lag otherwise l would have used the full stop selection the first time


It isn’t really a “duplicate message” or an “unnecessary report”. When a pilot lets you know they are ‘full stop’, it helps you, as the controller, determine what to do with other aircraft. Whether you need to give someone “maintain slowest practical speed” or “I’ll call your base” etc. This is important if you have a lot of traffic and/or an airport which requires a back taxi after landing.


Got it…but calling inbound for landing was a duplicate message coz an aircraft remaining in pattern makes a way more difference than an aircraft calling inbound for landing. Aircraft inbound for landing needs pattern/sequence clearance whereas aircraft in pattern needs sequence and clear until there’s a runway change ,a full stop message should be the call there to let the controller know :)


Open @RODN
Departing Runways-05L and 05R
Landing Runways-05L and 05R

Patterns accepted and appreciated 🙃

Plz stop by for some patterns


Closed now @RODN


Open @YSSY
Departing runways- 34l and 34r
Landing runways- 34L,34r and 25

Patterns accepted,plz stop by for patterns:)


I’ll be there in about 10 minutes


Thanks for stopping by :)
Sorry,idk if it was my connection problem or what,when I opened, wind was 13kts@220 idk how it just jumped over to heavy gusts


Closed @YSSY


Any feedback is appreciated 🙂🙌


All seemed very well. Didn’t see any issues


Thanks guys!!!

I just passed my practical,thanks to all who came in and helped me getting the test passed. Very very thanks .


Congratulations! 🎉