Prashant's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed|Practical Passed]


Open @OMDB
Dep Runway- 31l and 31r
Landing runway- 31l and 31r

Patterns allowes,please hop in for some patterns ,and help me passing practical :)


Closed omdb


Open @KVAD

Departing Runways- 18l and 18
Landing runways- 18l and 18r
Remarks- Patterns allowed , feedbacks appreciated.

Please stop by !


I will come in about 10 minutes


Sorry i wasn’t able to stay for long. I didn’t see many issues, but the exit runway command could’ve been given a little earlier (recommended when at around 70-80 kias)


I’ll come and test you out


So, I am Oliver02, Infinite Flight 1 super.

  • Pushback, Good
  • Taxi, Good
  • Takeoff, good
  • clearance, Good
  • change in runways, good.
    However you shouldn’t change pilots runways unless they request it or it makes your ATC job easier


Thanks for stopping by @mkwiecek and @Oliver02 will take care of these 🙂🙌


I was just coming by… are you still open


Yes yes…just facing some net lagging…m still open @Recxx


AirFrance 454 Approaching


my phone crash in final


Thanks @Captain_Khalil and @Recxx for stopping by! If you guys will drop a feedback it would be helpful :)


KVAD closed now

Thanks to all who came :)


So for me it’s good when a change the runway you give me the right answer, good squencing
But I think (I m not sure for this) when you give me number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind and i’am in right, I’m not sure if you must said to me to extend or I call your base, for the spacing with the number 1


Okay, here’s my clarification 👇

After departing 18R on right crosswind 18R u requested change to 18L,so the only pattern entry possible was right downwind 18L and since Corp451 was on left downwind 18l and I wanted u to follow him, that’s the reason u were sequenced for number 2.

I would have given u left downwind entry for 18L only if u would have requested runway change on upwind. :)



And u both were on safe distance,if in case separation gets reduced then I’m free to give u a go around on final . I never felt u r going to interfere with corp451


Yes for this it’s good but when I was in the “final” right downwind and the other in left base the problem is if y a turn base at this moment the will by nos spacing


Is you true, but some people don’t make this but you right you did see I make spacing


Can’t clearly understand u…but extend downwind and I’ll call ur base is often used when u want to get out the departures quickly or if u get too closer with traffic ahead :)