Prashant's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed|Practical Passed]


Thanks a lot :)


Is phnl still open?


I jus closed…can open again if u want!


Will you open in another place?

Edit: try opening underused airport.


I’m looking for RODN now :)


Coming In…


PHNL Closed

RODN open
Pattern accepted
Feedback appreciated


Thanks for stopping by @indraniel :)
Feedback appreciated


Battery low :(


Everything was perfect …I think I pressed the wrong button ,my bad .
Are you applying for IFATC ?


Yea actually m thinking to…jus practising before attempting test :)


Open @YSSY
Patterns/landings-Rwy 07

Remark-Patterns accepted
Feedback appreciated
Pleade stop by for some patterns :)


Yssy Closed :)


Open @KJFK

Patters accepted

Departing runways: 31r and 31l
Landing runways: 22r and 22l

winds 14knots at 230,visibilty- 8statue miles

Please stop by for some patters :)


Closed KJFK


Good evening everyone,I have successfully passed my written in very first attempt and will give my practical on saturday.Please try to stop by for givein me traffics if you wanna see me controlling as IFATC :)



Open @YSSY

Departing runways- 3R AND 34L
Landing runways- 34r and 34l

Winds 6 at 60

Patterns accepted

Practical on saturday,hop in for some patterns please :)


Closed YSSY
Thanks to all who came by :)


Remarks- Patterns and inbounds accepted and appreciated, pleased hop in :) and help me to pass my IFATC practical coming this weekend :)

Will keep open for an hour


Closed KSEA
thanks to all came by, feedback please 🙂