Prashant's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed|Practical Passed]


This is my tracking thread,I am an ATC enthusiast and wanna make my place in IFATC. Please stop by for patterns and feedbacks whenever I open :)

Whenever I will open the formatiing will be as:

Frequency- TWR_GRND
Remarks- OPEN



Where are you at?

See this thread for proper formatting.


Sorry mate!I am new here so didnt knew about formatiings,will do it soon


With what I can see from the link you posted is that I ave to update it frequently whenever I open,I havent opened yet!Will do the formatiing after opening any frequeny


It sounded like you were open and waiting somewhere without telling us where. We’ll look out for you when you are ready.


I see,correction done.Thanks for the help:)


Open- KSFO
Frequency- Twr_Grnd

Please stop by for some patterns :)


Are you still open?


Just closed after 2:50hr duration :)


Open at EHAM

Please stop by for some patterns :)


U wanna open rn so I can do some pattern work on a TBM?


Ah my mom jus called me… I will open again PHNL in 10 or 15 minutes


Would u mind if I open after 15 minutes?


Sure! I would love some atc what AirPort any is fine for me


Oh ok PHNL IT IS!!


…in 15 minutes


Remarks- Patterns allowed


I’ll be there gimme 5 mins!


Thanks for stopping by :)
Feedback appreciated


Lol nice job I think ur ready you* did great!