Prank or real

That is what I said. We think alike lol.

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They are working on the King Air 350, not A350. You got it all wrong


wait…its the KING AIR 350

illuminati confirmed :)


no its actually royal enfield 350


Could it not be an A330 Neo? 🤔


I do not know I honestly as we have this post

This was the first picture of global I think and this was on april fools day but this come a year and a half later. @CO99 no cause if you see the actual post they say the A350


It could be fake but I got a feeling its real for some reason…

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I do not think any moderator or developer will confirm or deny this right @schyllberg ?

unless I want to pay you @schyllberg to give me information?

It keeps getting more and more intriguing. My own kind is sifting back and forth between April Fools and Reality faster than you can say: 15 A350 in Hong Kong for FNF on June 9th, 2019… don’t quote me on that date okay, it is my friends birthday, that’s why I picked it 😂

Anyways, if it is real, then there is a ton, and I mean a ton, like God knows how many, but a world full of people that are going to scream in joy and throw their ice cream on their neighbors door, for no good reason… but if it an April Fools Joke then… life continues as usual till the day we receive the A350…

So after reading through what you all have been saying, it got me thinking, the similarities between how they announced Global and this, both long-awaited and big projects (although Global was humongous), still, the way they are showing us it is strikingly similar. It is though fun to think that this may be reality and if not, it is still for me, considered one of the biggest and best April Fools jokes so far 🧐


Funny thing is: That’s a reworked CCX wing…👀😱😂


I doubt they would just develop an a350 wing just for an April fools joke…There’s a lot of detail there…


What will be will be, i guess we can expect an announcement on the blog in due course

Either way, reading between the lines, i think we can look forward to something new and exciting this year (excluding South America scenery!)


But looking at IRL pictures of the CCX’s wingtip, it is like flat on Citation but this one, the render leak is rounded of with a curvature on the tip like the A350… but eh you’re probably right because the A350 wingtip is actually slightly thinner looking than the CCX, but that just may be an optical illusion or depending on which angle you look from and view/perspective of it. Sooo… I just did some breakdown analysis that may or may not disappoint some peeps? 😜

I guess I called it for April Fools joke correctly this year… I think 🧐😂😂

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Yes but it was post in annoucement.

I reckon it’s real I see a full scale model of this on Instagram but who’s knows could be a prank 😌

I don’t they would risk a big PR upset especially after what happened with the TBM. I think they will release another in progress pic in the next few weeks to confirm its real.

TRUE, but I still think it is a joke !!!

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Unlikely. Look at the probes, the CX doesn’t have them.

@Chatta290 @Captain_JR

I have no idea to be honest 😂😂 and to be frank about it, couldn’t care less when the A350 comes. The updates IFLLC push are getting better and better, so when it eventually arrives? Itll be epic.


That’s one very true statement. They definitely keep pushing the boundaries to achieve something greater than before, so no matter when the A350 comes, today, tomorrow or in 2022, who knows… one thing is for sure, it’ll be of a quality unimaginably better then by our standards today. So whatever they are cooking, it will a be a very welcoming surprise for all of us :)