Praise The Scheduling Gods @ KDCA

Bonjour everyone, I’m back with some more photos. Yesterday I biked down to the airport, since the wonderful people who schedule aircraft decided to send me not one, not two, but three cool liveries. Those three were the AA PSA Retro (which ig isnt too uncommon at DCA), the JetBlue NYFD livery, and Southwest’s Triple Crown One. My fingers and toes basically froze again, but i’d say it was worth it. This time I was at Daingerfield Island, a marina right on the approach for Runway 1, despite @ToasterStroodie saying I should break the law to get good photos from the employee lot. And expect a part two :)

First up is a G-V belonging to the FBI, that recently got repainted

The first special to arrive is Triple Crown One. It kinda bothers me that the aircraft is painted in the Canyon Blue color, but the tail is Heart.

Next up is Blue Bravest, honoring those who put their life on the line every day

Immediately after the NYFD livery was PSA, who, I am happy to say, is still smiling

Concluding the topic is a UA Continental 738 arriving in golden light, whilst @RTG113 told me how unproductive he is at life

Happy holidays to everyone, and here’s to a better new year :)


Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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so many topics today lol


mine obviously being the best, cool FDNY livery though


ik, people seem to be competing

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Mid + Ratio + YB Better, try again later bud. Thanks though

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Did you take those pictures today? They look amazing! My friend saw the PSA airplane at DCA today!

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Icy photos Tayt 🥶

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Beautiful! That’s a Nice jetblue livery, love it!

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6RK 😍. Nice to see it’s making somewhat routine trips here. Good stuff, Tayt. You should still hit up the employee lot though. 😛

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Nope, these were all taken yesterday

Icy, much like my fingers whenever i go spotting. Thanks a lot Mason!

It certainly is amazing. Thanks!

Like the new livery? 👀

Thanks! And maybe some other time, as I would not like to be fined.


Can’t say I hate it. It’s got the newer Gulfstream paint scheme on it now, so it for sure blends in with your average one. The old paint job was showing its age.

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Imo they could’ve made the grays darker. Would’ve looked better

Beautiful shots tater… Lol

… I love how vibrant that red is on that special livery!

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Why thank you Johnny

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🤧 imagine getting cool special liveries. Couldn’t be me……

Sweet photos taytortot

You call me tater, I call you Johnny. Simple

That’s why you should come to DCA immediately 🙂

Thanks Blake!


Let me help you out here. I can make your spotting experience 100% better.

Step One: Head to DCA Metro Station; Board Yellow to Gallery Place

Step Two: Transfer to Red. Board and ride to Union Station

Step Three: Remain in Union Station. Purchase MARC Train Ticket to BWI Airport Station

Step Four: Ride the rails north to the superior airport in the metropolitan area

Step Five: After arriving, board shuttle to terminal. Take it to Concourse C (American) and walk inside after drop-off

Step Six: Find the indoor, elevated, and heated observation gallery via stair or elevator. Enjoy your Ledo’s pizza while you get a star-studded view of concourse B-C alongside runway and taxiway traffic

Once again Danny and Drew: BWI>DCA ( @ToasterStroodie @Drxw )

Great photos Aviation108! Maybe take my advice this winter if you feel it is suitable. Danny will then have no one to show off his AE CRJs to.


Would you, by chance, be talking about the airport that gets 90% Southwest traffic, 5% Amazon Air, and the remaining 5% various LCC’s? I appreciate the guide, but for now, i’ll stay at DCA <3

Thank you :)

Are you sure about that?

The scheduling gods must hate me then 🥲. Awesome AWESOME shots, love seeing some DCA action!

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