PRAGUSA.ONE launching U.S. service soon!

PRAGUSA.ONE has just announced flights to the U.S. and it’s a doozy.

PRAGUSA.ONE is a start-up airline with plans of launching flights from Croatia to the United States as soon as June 2021!

They plan to operate from both Dubrovnik and Prague to destinations across the globe and they plan to do it with an A350-900 which will exclusively feature premium economy. As of right now they will operate leased A330’s and A340’s and they will fly their two U.S.A. destinations.

What are the two U.S.A destinations you are asking?
You would be surprised to know!

  • 3x weekly from Dubrovnik (DBV) to Los Angles (LAX) occurring on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays starting on June 22nd 2021, this will be operated by a leased A340
  • 3x weekly from Dubrovnik (DBV) to Newark (EWR) occurring on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays starting on June 21nd 2021, this will be operated by a leased A330

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PRAGUSA ONE Launching USA Flights This Summer | One Mile at a Time

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is going to work? Let me know down below!


If that’s their livery, it looks like they might be leasing Hi Fly’s A330-900neo which has the same colors, but without the text:

I’m still a bit skeptical they’re already planning to launch, but, if it does happen, it’ll be great to see more U.S. to Dubrovnik/Croatia routes. They’ll be going head on against United’s new EWR-DBV route. Plus, there’s rumors of Delta planning a New York JFK to Dubrovnik route this summer.

Croatia should be a hotspot for right now since they’re one of the few European countries opened to vaccinated Americans. However, since the EU is supposedly set to open all member countries to vaccinated Americans, it’ll be interesting to see if that distributes demand across the countries rather than demand being focused solely on the countries already open to vaccinated tourists (Croatia, Iceland, Greece, etc.)


Yea, the photo of their livery definitely looks like a HiFly A339, and because they are launching EWR and LAX it should be quite the competition this year (manly for DBV-EWR) and I would love to how they handle it!

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Where’s Croatia?

Dubrovnik, Croatia’s perspective with other major cities:



Definitely a better livery than the old one though xD Also interesting to see an A340 with a new airline!

Newark. 🥰

Thanks for sharing, @AlaskaAirfireball111! Perhaps I’ll take a trip to the airport and spot her!