PRAGUSA.ONE Airbus A350-900


PRAGUSA.ONE is a new airline that is launching very soon. PRAGUSA.ONE plans to base its operations out of Prague and also Dubrovnik. They plan to fly around the world to multiple destinations with Airbus A350-900s, set up in an all premium economy layout.

Check out the unique and certainly colourful livery below:

Image Source: PRAGUSA.ONE Website

Fun Fact: The airline’s name is a combination of the words Prague and Ragusa, which is the historical name for Dubrovnik.

PRAGUSA.ONE plan to operate flights to the United States, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.

This livery looks so amazing, so unique, so colourful and would certainly be a lovely addition to the Infinite Flight fleet.

You wouldn’t be able to make up excuses for taking through others in this livery, as you can see them from a mile away, haha!

Oh no…the saga of MS paint liveries for hypothetical airlines continues!
Avatar Air was bad enough 🤣.

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I guess it’s time to submit a new VA! 😂

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This livery was something I created on the back of the kid’s menu when I was 6, I love it


Wow… err… those green engines… not sure… 😉

Horrendous name, livery and maybe even idea


Great time to be starting an airline eh

Oh wow that livery!

This is by far the weirdest airline concept I have ever seen…
While I can see a reason for the Prague routes as Prague is a rather large city and also has many medieval buildings I can’t get my head around the Dubrovnik part… Dubrovnik is a quite small city with little to no international importance. The only reason why people would visit Dubrovnik is probably that it is a tourist destination. I doubt, however, that people from China or Malaysia would fly to Dubrovnik to go to the beach… The other way around I also doesn’t see much demand as the city is quite small so there wouldn’t be much demand for outbound flights either. The city’s airport is also not a HUB for any airline and therefore also doesn’t offer any extraordinary connection possibilities.
Please tell me if I missed something about why Dubrovnik is feasible as an international hub but I am interested to see how this will turn out.
The livery is quite good looking though, even though the name colors don’t look good in my opinion because they kinda look childish.

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This is ummmm… interesting

I think a new name and livery might be required lol

Not to get too much off-topic, but while I agree that the beach holidays in Croatia and other European countries aren’t granting a that high demand from outside of Europe, Dubrovnik is extremely popular with tourist thanks to its old town, which is still in an excellent shape with the original wall around town in excellent conditions. It was also featured in Game of Thrones, which further increased its popularity. It sees millions of tourists a year, especially from cruises and so on.

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Who got drunk enough to think this one up?

If I could sum my feelings about this in one sentence, I want whatever the guy who designed this atrocity was smoking.

What a nice livery! Looks very… colorful-y

Don’t know how people don’t like it, beautiful livery!

When I saw this in the news I know there will be someone making a request for this lol
A colorful aircraft

I feel like your yelling at me because you got all caps on the name, lol
You have full support

Seems like this airline never really went anywhere. Sad. Would have liked to have seen this livery.

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Isn’t this topic need to be closed now since that the airline isn’t existing?