Prague Airport information?


I’m going to Prague in about two weeks! With a KLM B738 and an E190 for the return flight.

As an aviation fanatic I want to know as much as possible about Prague Airport (you will probably recognize it 😅). Now I’ve scoured the internet and Youtube a bit, but I can’t find that much information.

So I was wondering if anyone else has any information: Photos, procedures etc.

thanks in advance,

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1 Like definitely has a whole bunch of charts to do with LKPR, afaik it requires a registration, but that’s not too big a hassle.


Thanks, definitely gonna check it out!

I would like to, but I’m not permitted to change it :(

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This should tell you most of what you would like to know, especially in the Aerodromes (AD) section:

For future reference, if you want to find out more about the aeronautical procedures of nearly any airport or country in the world, just search the airport code or country name followed by the acronym “AIP” - for example I simply searched LKPR AIP and got this link.

The AIP is the Aeronautical Information Publication - a document that is required by ICAO for all member countries to be made available publicly, which contains information about various airports, airspaces, regulations, etc. about the country’s aeronautical procedures.


No worries, I can flag it for you if you’d like.

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If you want to…… it would be nice!

Wow 🤩 thanks!