Practicing For IFATC at EGLC (CLOSED)

Feel free to test my skills at London City (EGLC) im controlling ground and tower :)

I’ll come for a bit. I’ll give feedback although I am not officially IFATC.

Coming as G-JOHN in an a318 (ACJ livery 1)

IFATC specialist

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ok thankyou, are you delta 44?

Nope mate, I am Air France 004

Okay much appreciated

there are people entering the runway without clearence

My feedback: (I am not IFATC, so could be incorrect)

Transition was perfect at 3000ft or above and ATC was overall generally really good. Thanks for the service, good luck with IFATC. You might want to practice at airports with multiple runways since the test is taken at a multiple-runway airport.


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It is TS1, the least you can really do is say “Please follow instructions”. ;)

Much appreciated for your feedback, i will try at a larger airport. Thanks again

Yeah i said you were not cleared and to exit the runway.

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