Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that I will be practicing my ATC skills at 4:00P.M. CST (Chicago Time)! If you guys can make it that would be great! I will be tower and ground at Charlotte Douglas International!

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Hey man if you want I you can come and do tower and ground for my event! We will do it in two different regions! Let me know if you are interested!

Yeah sure! When will they be?

I’ll find out for you know soon! I me to to have a practice at14:00 Zulu however I did not get up until 16:30 BST! So I’ll let you know soon

Sounds good! Hopefully I won’t be busy!

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MMTJ if you are in! Take ground and I’ll take tower!

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@philippe we already have an atc practice in events could you delete this topic?

We only delete topics as last resort. This looks like a separate event to me so I don’t think it qualify to be deleted.

I created ATC practice! I am the host of the event!

Time in bst please?

Zulu is an hour behind BST

Nice job Mason, tough winds 😊

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