Practice ATC messages

Hi - is there any way that ATC can view all the various text commands without actually controlling? I want to get familiar with all the various options and where to locate them quickly but it seems that there is no way to practice this outside of live contoller situation. I thought I would just choose a quiet airfield to do this but duh there has to an aircraft in the area for the options to appear :smile:


Maybe just get a friend to fly in a very quiet airfield!

P.s I could help at some point today!

Hey thanks for the offer - just heading out Sat nite but will keep it in mind. Cheers

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I wanted to do the same once so I became ATC at a small towered airport. You need an aircraft at your airfield though to see the possible communications choices. So while controlling on my iPad, I spawned in on my iPhone. From that I could see the commands. However then other planes see an ATC and started flying/spawning in and since I had no real idea at the time what to do, I bolted (stopped ATC session). When I tried it a second time the app said I was already logged-in and wouldn’t let me proceed. Haven’t tried it since.

So yes, there needs to be a way for ATC noobs to get familiar with the possibliities before they start earning the wrath (😉) from all the pilots under their “control”.

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You are asking for a playground for the playground? That’s why it’s the playground. Don’t be scared, just dive in head first. I recommend KLAX tower for starters…😎

But seriously, be an observer for a little while on one of the busier fields.

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Just shadow one of the advanced controllers on the advance server by selecting the observer mode.

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