Practice ATC @ KCOS [Closed]

Hi I’m practicing my ATC skills with tower and ground in Colorado Springs! Come light up TS1 with Beautiful scenery! Your always welcome to leave feedback on my services! Thank you!


I’ll be there N2DV in C208

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Would you like public or private feedback?

Public is fine thank you!



  • No need to tell me to hold short if I can be cleared for take off.
  • No need for the downwind entrance instruction as I stated I would be in the pattern.
  • No need to ask for intentions, as I was staying in the pattern.
  • Good work with the sequencing.

You have the basics down. Keep practicing and having sessions like these. Good work!


Just missed you. I was flying in but runways changed so I had to reset my course and was still about 20 min out. Catch you next time.

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I was SAT581 and you spam unnessary things like when I just spawned in you said “SAT581, Frequency change approve” “SAT581, Please follow instructions” “SAT581, Stay on my Frequency” all right after another. Please avoid doing so.

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