Practical Question/Guidance

Can I please get some insight as to what to expect on a Practical Test?
-How many A/C you’re expected to control within the scenario…
-In the Pattern
-Is it to be sterile? (I.e. Will others be allowed to raise conflict during the practical?)

Thank you in advance for response…

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No, cuz that’s cheating.

You already have a vague knowledge of what to expect.

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As it is a test, we cannot disclose all of the information regarding the practical, as well as scenarios that may occur during the test. That takes away the purpose of the test when you know what’s coming before you start the test.

However, the tutorial that Tyler recently uploaded should be a great resource. You can find it here: The Perfect ATC Test

Good luck, I hope you are able to join our ranks!


The practical test consists of 4-5 aircraft in the pattern for around 20-30 minutes. Some may be inbound, some may be transitioning.

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