Practical practice training 2 at KTPA

Come help me get prepared

Usually helps if you say where.


Lmao I forgot that xD KTPA

I’ll stop by :)

what server?

Keep losing connection, sorry. Only thing is when I request a runway change, you have to give pattern entry and sequence, not just sequence. Good job.

I was going to except every time I did u lost connection

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Good work @g100m My only issue is your runway switching (Pattern Entry) It should be done with a pattern entry command. If I wanted to switch from 19R to 19L, and I was originally on right downwind 19R, you’d tell me to enter right downwind, runway 19L. if you need to, you can add in sequencing as one command to save time and less clutter on the frequency. Good luck!

The thing with you was my fault I got mixed up cause you said correction stand by after I answered your request to change to 19r then u asked to change back so I got confused with all ur request sorry bout that thanks for the info

No problem. My fault. I wanted to see the runway change, but I hit the wrong button and sent it instead of backing out. I wanted to test Stop & Goes as well, but felt bad to do it to that A-10 that purposely changed runways to avoid my traffic. (Lol)

Tbh I was glad that a10 switched he had no idea how to follow instructions at first

I’m glad he did a tighter pattern than me. Wanted to see how you’d handle it. You handled it well

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