[Practical passed] Callaa's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @MMMX

I’ve recently started my radar training, I would love to have you guys help me :)

  • Airport: KMSO

  • Runway in use: 12

  • Approaches: ILS, RV (radar vectors), visual, GPS (please file a GPS from the procedures tab)

  • Server: training server


This thread has been approved by my trainer @Ramzi_Khairan


Hey cool!
You surely can ping me! (but currently opened my Thread lol so I can’t fly right now)

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Wassup, feel free to ping me!

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Opening for the coming 45-60 minutes!


Closed, no one came :c

Opening for 1 hour at KMSO


I’ll try to make it after the event…

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Little bump because nobody has come so far

coming in 5-10

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Sorry, game crash, give me a minute

roger lol
10 chars min

Closed, thanks for coming @J-F_V. Any issues?

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Thanks for the service and nice work!

No issues on both ILS and visual! 👌🏻

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Open for the next hour at MMMX!

Runways in use: 23’s
Please file one of these in your flightplan: ENAG1B, LARL1B, ESPO1B, DARA1B


Hey! I’m 6O-SMA

Nice work basically no issues, but you could’ve took me off at ESTAR but where you did still works fine; again not really an issue it’s just better imo

Thanks for the service Ian, good luck with training!

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The arc begins at MX602, that’s where I can start vectoring you. If this wasn’t for practice I would’ve vectored you a lot earlier. Thanks for coming!

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Understandable, tag me next time!!

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Closed, thanks @BT_HANDLES @Hellople @anant

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Feedback from Air India 0209:

  1. Vectors for Visual approach 23R had alternating turns, i.e. turn left then right then left
    (You made correction for the unintended right turn, but the time difference in turns commands was 30 secs which was enough to make that turn)
  2. This might be out of scope of this training session, but what is the expected reply to this request:
    Callsign is 1 NM NE of MMMX at 7,700ft, Requesting RV to San Francisco” after departure.
    • As pilot, I expect vectors to take me close to my FPL and then be asked to “Continue as filed”
    • Also, can approach controller act as departure controller when it’s not available? Or is it not allowed?

Thanks for having me @callaa!
Bro, can you tag me as well for your future training session.

Feedback from PH-NSB:

Everything was alright, we could have seen what would have happened with that point merge if there were more pilots when I came but I am sure everything should be fine with you as long as you issue speed commands and vectors if loss of seperation seems likely.

I am not sure what is your timezone but you can go ahead and ping me for your future sessions. I am CEST, so I would hope it is compatible with you 😅.

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