Practical Infinite Flight @ SBGL - 102300ZMAR18[2 days left, many slots left!]

Server: Casual Thanks @Dylan_Bright

Region: Well, I don’t know

Airport: SBGL

Time: 2300Z
11:00 pm London
6:00 pm Pacific
5:00 pm Central
4:00 pm Mountain
3:00 pm Pacific

NOTAM: This event is separated into groups. However this won’t matter as the distance will be compared at the end

Hello IFC! I would like to make a long haul event, so here it is! The point of this event is to get the approximate range of most aircraft. We will take off from SBGL and fly as far as possible! I(we) will try to get every aircraft in IF served by at least 1 person! I would love to see you all there!


There will be groups: prop GA, Little planes, small jets, medium jets, large jets, jumbo and fighters. Planes will takeoff from KLAX and follow the flight plan provided. Copy it from me


We request that only those who sign up (below) attend this event. Please make sure you can come, and cancellations should be within an hour of the event.
Now on topic…
Planes will takeoff on the active runway available. Fly on any heading that is between 260-280 or 80-100 (depending on wind direction).
Put your device on auto pilot and set to an altitude of you choice. Avoid flying to the northern early due to the trans American jetstream and to stay in the calmer wind down south. When you run out of fuel, note the nearest airport and flight time. If you can use a flight tracker that would be better.

Plane spots

Prop GA:
C172 A: @QuebecXray - Gate 15
C172 B:
C208 A:
C208 B:
Super Decathlon:
Little Planes
CCX A: @Brianj2859 gate 6
Dash 8 q400 A:
Dash 8 q400 B:
Small Jets
A318 A:
A318 B:
A319 A:
A319 B:
737-700 A:
737-700 B
A320 A:
A320 B:
737-800 A:
737-800 B:
737-900 A:
737-900 B:
Medium Jets
A321 A:
A321 B:
757-200 A:
757-200 B:
767-300 A: @QF_Pilot5 gate 5
767-300 B:
Large Jets
A330: @PedroG gate 14
777-200ER: @anon57683537 gate 10
777-200LR: @crazygamerdl gate 8
777-300ER A: @AlanWeit Gate 1
777-300ER B:
787-8 A:
787-8 B:
787-9 A: @Ishan_S gate 3
787-9 B:
787-10 A:
787-10 B:
Tri Jets
MD11 A: @Andrew2002 gate 17
MD11 B:
MD11 C:
DC10 A:
DC10 B:
DC10 C:
747-400 A: @Owain_G Gate 12
747-400 B:
747-8 A:
747-8 B:
A380 A:
A380 B:

Organized GATE List

Gate 1- @AlanWeit 777-300ER
Gate 3- @Ishan_S 787-9
Gate 5- @QF_Pilot5 767-300
Gate 6- @Brianj2859 CCX
Gate 8- @crazygamerdl 777-200LR
Gate 10- @anon57683537 777-200ER
Gate 12- @Owain_G 747-400
Gate 14- @PedroG A330
Gate 15- @QuebecXray C172
Gate 17- @Andrew2002 MD11

NOTE: I will be controlling at for 15 minutes after the beginning of the event, or until all planes clear out.

If there is a plane you want to fly and less that 3 people have asked for it, I will add another slot for you. No more than 3 per plane type.

I hope to see you all there!


If you would like a slot/space, reply below! Hopefully I get an ok turnout

US is not the best place for this due to the Trans American Jet stream. This makes ranges not a fair test. The best place would be in South America or Africa where winds are minimal.

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Thanks. Changing to a random place in south america

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The issue I see with this is that many of these aircraft could probably fly for almost a day, meaning that people would have to leave their devices AFK. If they are not there when the fuel runs out, the aircraft will nosedive and the people flying will get many violations, so in that case, the event should probably be on the casual server. Seems interesting though!

Casual it is. Trying to go by distance flown and time

I’ll take the Cessna 172.

Got it! You are cargo ramp b03 at rio

If you have already took off, I’m sort of doing the same, the route MMMX-LLBG (Mexico-Tel Aviv) which is about 16/17 hours

It is on March 3rd, if you want to sign up feel free.

Oh okay, I’ll sign up! Thinking of using 787-8 or 777-200… actually I’ll be using 777-300

I would like to join but why is it on sunday and I have school on the next day and I could only do it if it was on friday or saturday or school break sorry for the dissapontment because I wanted to join

It is on the night of Saturday (for England and westward) @AmericanAirlines2739

Got It! Gate 1 is yours👍

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Well this is pretty much dead. At least I still have a month

This event may be cancelled if no one else registers @AlanWeit and @QuebecXray

Ooo unique event I would like the 787-9 spot please

@Ishan_S 787-9 gate 3 at Rio 😀

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Can I take the 767 please thanks

If you read the title they departed two hours ago so you can try to catch up if you want but dont forget to read the time next time! Happy Flying!


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