Powerful Rain Departures at KSEA!

Hello, IFC!

In my trip report topic, i mentioned a spotting topic and here it is!

Wow that was a bad entry…

You know what imma be quiet and allow you to enjoy the pictures.

Firstly a little 737-700 off to Alaska!

Next up is it’s big brother going down to Denver!

This was a very lucky catch, Alaska’s first 737 MAX on a steep departure to KSAN!

Next up is this powerful A330 departure to KATL, forming my beloved vortices!

Here is a special livery speeding up towards the clouds

Almost done i promise

An AA 737 going down to DFW (if i remember well)

Last but definitely not least, a very powerful beast roaring down the runway with thousand of pounds of PPE.

These were shot on a rainy day (i fixed most of the grain) and were edited with lightroom mobile, so i apologize for the sloppy edits in some pics.
Haha i just made myself immune to @Mattheus jokes about grain 😉

I still hope you enjoy them though!

Part 2?

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  • No
  • Yes but edited with computer

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Thank you!

Stay safe!



Looks like MCAS wanted up.


No those were the pilots fighting MCAS 😂

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Extreme up

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You egg


Thank you for your contribution, master Wu.

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Some steep departures you got! Nice shots!

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Welcome to my home in Seattle.

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Wow! Those are some AMAZING pictures! I go spotting at KSEA every once in a while - but I can never find a really good spot. Where did you take these pictures?

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Those were from S11.

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Very cool pictures! Really nice to see the diverse kinds of B737 in the Alaska fleet that dynamically captured, which is really cool to see!
Great pictures all around as well, the contrasts and clouds + wet runway make them especially interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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I need glasses with all that blur.

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Is this actually angled with the horizon? Seems like an excessively steep angle lol. Nice shots!

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The pic was a little lopsided and i didnt straighten it as much as i should have but it was still quite a steep ascent

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