Powerful Go-Around - Independence Day Spotting at KSEA

Hello, IFC,

Here is a collection of shots from a new location I found at KSEA.

The spotting was nice as usual, until a Delta 737 decided to go around at the last moment (because of an A319 on the runway). This go around happened above me while I was taking photos. As the throttles were risen, the ground started shaking and the engines screamed. My ears were screaming too, as a matter of fact!

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

An Alaska 737-990 on final

A Horizon Air Special livery Dash-8 on final

The usual Horizon Air Dash-8

An Air Canada Express Dash-8 on final

An A319 on final, the one that will cause the following 737 to go around

A Delta 737 that decided to go around at the last minute because the A319 above was vibing on the runway

The second attempt at landing (successful this time)

…and a BIRB in the liquid state for @anon38496261 and @SB110 (failed long exposure)

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

My usual question… Could any of these go to JetPhotos?

What do you think?

Happy 4th of July!

Thank you!



Great photos!!!

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These are amazing!! I think a lot of these (if not all) can be sent to JP!

What I wouldn’t give to be able to experience that. I would love that so much.

The birb is beautiful too :)


Thank you so much!


The first 3 photos are sooooo hot 🥵


no one:
@sqeezelemon’s profile picture:

anyway… great images! loved the alaska ones the most


I’m no expert, but I think the first four photos have a pretty decent chance at JP. You’ve improved a lot, and it really shows, keep it up, very impressive!

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Would you please try to explain why exactly you tried to do a long exposure on a flying bird? 😂

Thats like literally top one case where you try to get the fastest shutter possible 😂


Great shots 😍

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Very nice pictures. Especially the first one.

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You get better every time! Nice shots!

The bird be like ~


Hmm… I wonder if pilots are more patient and courteous to airplanes of the same company. Imagine if you were piloting an American 737 into LAS. Would it be more annoying if an American A320 or a United A320 causes you to go around?


How many go arounds was there! Haha

Great spots!

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Absoluetly amazing pictures! And a really cool unique perspective too. Picking a favourite would just be based on the aircraft type as they’re all great. Thanks for sharing!

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The alaska livery is honestly one of the nicest going 😍

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Thank you so much everyone for the support!

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That birb really do be
download (1)

Seriously, those are great pictures! I would love to feel the force of that go around!

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JP wise, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and last photo (not the bird, obviously) are your best chances. If I had to pick one, definitely #3 you can probably get that up by just centering it.

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Lovely pictures mate! It’s too hard to decide on my favourite one

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Thanks! (How do I make it fit the size requirements without losing quality?)

Is there a way or is it just how that works?