Powerbank causes fire on Aeroflot flight

Aeroflot’s A320 flight from Moscow to Volgograd was a tough one for the passengers. A powerbank exploded and started a fire during landing. Thank god the flight crew were experienced enough to put out the fire and there were no injuries.
Check out this Youtube video for the in-flight footage.


That actually looks really quite scary! I can only imagine it would’ve been a scary experience for the passengers. Do you have any idea if it got caught in the seat or something?

It seems like the bag which contained the powerbank was placed under the seat.

This is pretty alarming, especially since powerbanks are a popular thing these days. And i bet it came super cheap and are pretty low quality…


Chinese airports don’t allow powerbanks in carry-on bags. I believe they have had enough experiences with low quality devices. Yet it is still doubtful how safe would it be to place in the cargo…

As long as they’re not used, i wouldn’t worry. I know my own powerbank can heat up quite a bit while being used though.

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Great that the crew have this Munch experience

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