Power settings/fuel consumption

I have noticed that some planes have really high power needs when cruising. For example, the 777-300 ER feet with no wind. Also, the MD 11 and DC 10 need all the available power to cruse at 30,000 feet with a load of 90%. I have noticed this on the 777-300ER, the MD 11, DC 10, 777-200ER, 777-200F, and A380-800. Now to relate this to fuel consumption. I recently made a topic that was closed about fuel consumption. I was told that there wasn’t enough information. Well, now you have it. Climbing to fast does effect fuel levels, but climbing to fast doesn’t lower the power needed for cruise. I think that IF needs to relook power settings because a 777 doesn’t need a 117% N1 to maintain cruise flight. This power setting isn’t even used during takeoff. I guess that my point is some planes need to much power to maintain cruise flight, and with a high engine power comes more fuel used. The 737 can cruise with 60% N1 so obviously there is an issue. The 777-200ER is rated for 14000 KM flights, but you cannot do these in the game because the engines need to work to hard. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this. If anyone else can add to the list of planes I made, that would be helpful.

This isn’t a technical issue so avoid using this category in the future unless you need support for IF :)

What do you expect on 90% load?

In regardless of your old topic being closed due to lack of information, i think you misunderstood.
This is not the information required to adjust the fuel consumption for individual aircrafts. We need to specific information, in regards of what N1% at altitude X, and how much fuel is supposed to be consumed at those levels and so forth.
This does not help at all to be honest, it’s just your opinions.



Th 777-200 ER burns through 24,000 pounds of fuel per hour fully loaded at 32000 feet in real life (MTOW)