Power lever problem

Hello community, I don’t know if there’s this post that I’ll post here in the group, but it’s been a long time since I noticed this and everyone too, in the aircraft power levers when we put in reverse mode the power lever makes the Full Power movement, that is, when we use reverse, the power lever accelerates. Hope this issue is resolved.


This doesn’t need to be in #meta - as that is for issues with the forum.

I am sure the devs will fix this at some point but as its not high priority it likely won’t be fixed any time soon.



Yes. I agree with you, but it’s always good to register here in the community

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Hi there,
This isn’t really an issue within IF and more intentional as there isn’t any thrust leaver animations at the current time.
If you do wish to see a feature like this in the future you can show your support with a vote on this thread Reverse Thrust Throttle Animation

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