Powdarrmonkey's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED for good!]


I am open at Austin Bergstrom (KAUS) for some last-minute practice, but only for a short while (30 minutes or so).

Runways in use: 35L and 35R for landings and departures
Wind is variable at 3


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Don’t tell me you are closed too?

Are you open?

Only for at most another five or ten minutes, sorry. I am literally waiting for my practical test instructions…

I passed! 😁 But I didn’t realise that means no more controlling on TS, so I guess that’s it for this tracking thread (for now).

Thanks everybody for letting me practice on you and sending your feedback, it was really valuable.

Congrats on passing your practical and welcome to IFATC. Hope to see your first controlling soon :))

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