Powdarrmonkey's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED for good!]


My ATC practical test showed that I need to work on patterns. So if you are near Manchester on Training and would like to drop by please do.

Airport: EGCC (Manchester)
Runways in use: 23L/23R

I expect I’ll be there for an hour or so.


I am open again for a while at Manchester, with 23L/23R in use. I could really use pattern work, please drop by!


I am open at Manchester for about an hour to practice pattern work.

Airport: EGCC (Manchester)
Runways: 23L and 23R for departures and landings


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Hi @powdarrmonkey,

I am Bmoney326/ N299AT. Spot on today! Here’s my feedback:


  • Good saying already cleared to change freq
  • Good saying after option make left traffic


  • I think this was a mistake, but don’t tell me to make right downwind, etc, when I am remaining in the pattern (this was done after I was in the air, after you told me to make right traffic). Think it was a mistake as it was only done one time, but lmk

  • Should’ve said back taxi around 70kts, and that goes for exit rwy as well

Apologies for my terrible flying! Felt really dumb when I crashed😬

Yeh, the right downwind was a mistake. What was your speed on the back taxi? My strip said you were doing <60k ground.

Shame about the bouncer, it would have been a spectacular landing if you’d pulled it off!

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I meant you should’ve said back taxi when I was at like 70-80kts.

I’ll stop by!

Hey there! You did good just a few mistakes to work on.

  • You didn’t give UM-263 a exit runway command.

  • When Easy 269 said Executing Missed Approach, you were supposed to give him a go around command, not a pattern entry command.


Mmm, something odd happened there - I didn’t have the usual “Respond to go-around” button nor a go-around menu option (maybe because of altitude?). So that was the next best thing.

Thanks for dropping by and your feedback!

Just click the Go-Around button and issue the GA.

I think you missed the bit where I said there wasn’t a button for it.

Closed! I need a break after two hours. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Yeah there shouldn’t be one as he executed missed approach instead of calling a GA.

I’m open again at Manchester with 23L/R in use

Still there? Coming in.

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Thanks, sorry there wasn’t much else going on by then!

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Excellent work! Just a few points from my part:

  • Try to avoid the “expect runway X” when instructing a pushback (as it is said on the ATC manual).
  • Answering a little faster would be great, as there was very little traffic.

That’s it. Well done!

Ah, ok, I’ve been taking “should” more strongly than it is intended perhaps. Thanks for the tip.

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Yeah, as there was only a taxiway exit the expect runway was unnecessary.
Well done tho.

I’m open at Brussels with 07L and 07R in use for patterns and general use, please drop by!