POV glitch

This morning I was rolling for takeoff at PHNL in HUB view when my POV was flung into the air. No idea what happened, but the glitch is also in the replay. If I watch in normal move, my POV get’s changed at that spot but the aircraft is moving as normal. Any idea why this happens?


Wait are you talking about when you switch to cockpit view and the view flies over the plane and back down?

This has happened to me many times even on short final. You mean where the camera gets stuck and you can’t move it?


Is it with a joystick?

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If that’s the issue I experience this a few times and leads to a crash or something like that

Can you share the replay?

(Replays being data files, they don’t have stored/static camera angles, so I’m curious as to how a camera view would do this.)

The replay has the same glitch. The device that I did the flight onis currently flying. I can share a screen recording and the replay later.

Can you just humor us and share the replay anyway?

As I said, camera views aren’t supposed to be static in replays.

If you want support, it would be helpful to have as much information as possible. Why avoid sharing it?

Unfortunately can’t replicate the issue anymore. I’ll still share the actual replay file though. How do I share it lol

Use sharemyinfiniteflight.com to share your replay.

If you need help, you can use the following link:

This is the full lead-up to what happened. On the first takeoff, I set VS 0 in AP while taxiing so the purple bar does not appear, and forgot to turn it off. The unsuccessful rotation was caused by excessive trim input. I rejected the takeoff above VR and stopped.
I try to immediately takeoff again from the intersecting runway. At around 100 kts, it looked like I was bounced into the sky, and started falling back towards the runway before I actually rotated and took off. I restarted the flight after this in case some other glitch happens and cause be to get ghosted somehow.

I did try downloading it, it got saved to my google drive but when I attempted to open the file it apparently says ‘This file type if unsupported’. Any way to fix this?

move it first to your local storage.
GOOGLE drive tries to open it by them self.

long press on it and do share. Then it should say open in Infinite Flight

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Thank you so much.

You said that while you were taking off your POV (Point of View) was glitched as you were taking off or where in the parts of the session where your POV was static?

Second take off, my POV jumped into the air mid takeoff. It looked as it I was at 500 AGL and stalling but then the POV dropped back to the normal position.

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I think there may be some confusion when you say POV. Which specific camera angle are you referring to. A screen shot would be really helpful here as it could be a number of things.

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This happens sometimes to me when I fly over terrain.

Did you happen to fly over a hill or something?

It’s the HUD view