Potomac River Approach into DCA!

Potomac River Approach

Today, @baseball_inferno suggested I do the Potomac River approach into DCA from West Palm Beach. I’ve taken this approach a few times IRL, but never in Infinite Flight.

The views while onboard an aircraft are absolutely stunning, and very stunning in Infinite Flight as well. :D

Server: Expert

Aircraft: E190

Route: KPBI - KDCA

This was taken about 15nm from runway 1 at DCA. Just following the river to the runway.

After following the river, it was finally time to land. I greased this E190 on Runway 1.

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Nice shots!

Just a note, this was the easier Runway 1 visual approach.

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Nice shots.

This approach is the Mount Vernon Visual RWY 01 as opposed to the River Visual 19 (or as is used more these days the RNAV RNP 19)

The RNAV RNP RWY 19 is easily doable in IF-and can even be flown coupled to minimums IF you have In Flight Assistant with VNAV (VNAV is iOS only for now iirc)