Potentially catastrophic mid-air collision avoided between KJFK and CYYZ

This morning, en route from KJFK to CYYZ, my Airbus A319 anti collision system rang suddenly. I had just enough time to bring the nose sharply down. An Air Canada dreamliner seemed to have started descending towards JFK a bit early… and without checking what was ahead of him!

Lucky it ended well… flight N37NO landed safely 20 minutes later…


This belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

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I am glad you responded to avoid the collision. You saved lives. Great job.


That was a close one. Just imagine how catastrophic this could have been.

Nah, it’s good you watch out and pay attention. Realism is important 😊


Well, yes, thank for swapping category for me. I was not sure, so I decided it was more about telling a live server story than showing pics, but anyway, what matters is how great our sim is!

By the way, is the collision alarm built in IF or is it in the In flight assistant (which I recently bought and works great) ?

I didn’t do it ;-; It was @Connor that sneaky bird

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Don’t worry, your not alone


What do you expect? It’s Ryanair!


Lol, British Airways doesn’t like Ryanair possibly

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It seems in fact that there is no anti collision alarm in either IF or IF assistant. I definitely heard a buzz twice, which prompted me into rapid action! but it might have been the cruise level sound of IF assistant which rang twice because of strong cross winds…
Alas, the replay won’t replay these sounds so I cannot relive the thrill again!

Yoo I saw that I was Delta 474 heavy going to Venice. Landed at 04:57 EDT

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The user in the 787 is there… with two more shots (replay feature is amazing!). Just for the fun.

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